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Drugs or medications are mainly used to control or eliminate disease, and are commonly given under medical advice.  It works by changing or adapting an ailing biological system in the body. The chemical changes can be dominant or unnatural, thus can be a cause of adverse side effects.

Natural supplements, on the other hand, are safe, natural and effective in promoting good body resistance and general well-being. Supplements are most known as preventive measures against disease and deficiencies.

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100 Pesos for 3 Days

Every young cook goes through a broke period, when all you have left for food is 100 pesos, and it’s 3 days to payday. What do you do with 100 pesos for 3 days? I have gone through this period and here are some recipes I actually came up with.

Day1: Munggo with Chicharon (Munggo 10 pesos, Chicharon 5 pesos, Ampalaya leaves 5 pesos) = 20.00

Day2: Scrambled Eggs (2 pcs at 8 pesos), Ensaladang Talong  (4 small peices for 10 pesos, 2.00 kamatis, 1 sibuyas)  = 13 pesos for Lunch, Sardines with Misua (10 pesos sardines, 2 pesos misua, 1 peso onion) = 13.00 Total: 34.00

Day3: 24 Tuyo (5 pesos) for breakfast, Corned beef soup for lunch (12.00 mini corned beef, add water), Red egg salad (7.00 red egg, 1 peso tomato)

Rice (assuming 3 cups a day) 1 kilo makes 12 cups conserve for 3 days= 20.00
Yes, you can live for 3 days on 100 peso food allowance.